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Of course, there isn´t a lack of people who dream of striking it big in the wine industry. However, the wine business is a difficult, competitive, and expensive business that requires perseverance, ambition, and an indomitable will. Before diving into the wine industry, you must be aware of what you are getting into. There´s year-round farm work to be done, complex regulatory paperwork to be taken care of, and arduous sales promotions to be organized. You will need to shell out a large sum of money for investment. And, the chances of you experiencing severe losses for many years before profiting are also high.

Custom Wine Cellar Design

Millions of homeowners and wine collectors dream of constructing a wine cellar in their homes. If you belong to that category of people, you have come to the right place. Before building a wine cellar, there are several things you need to take into account. For instance, you should only proceed to build the wine cellar in a cool place that is well-ventilated without vibrations. The area must also be in low light. You should also pay special attention to the temperature of the wine cellar. If you are looking to store red wine, the temperature of the room must be maintained between 15 to 17 degrees Celsius. For white wine, the ideal temperature setting is between 6 and 10 degrees.

Winery Construction Companies

It is entirely possible for you to hire the services of a professional winery construction company to set up and construct your winery. Most of the wine operations take place in Napa/Sonoma, and to some extent Oregon and Washington. However, there are several emerging areas such as California´s Sierra Foothills, Virginia, and New York that show plenty of activity on the old familiar stand-alone winery model. It is of paramount importance for you to do some research before deciding on a particular winery construction company to build your project. You must ensure that the company is licensed, experienced, and has the capacity to not only undertake small boutique facility projects but also build 170-acre state-of-the-art processing plants. It would be foolish of you not to use the benefits of the internet; you can easily check unbiased reviews of all the winery construction companies online.

Small Winery Construction

What is a small winery? Well, it is basically a small wine producer that does not boast of its own vineyard. Basically, the winery acquires supplies from other ventures. However, a small winery uses the same wine-making equipment as a commercial winery does, albeit on a smaller scale. It wouldn´t be farfetched to state that a small winery functions similarly to a microbrewery. Setting up a small winery does have its fair share of advantages. Unlike typical wineries, a small winery is able to offer a wider range of wines, due to the fact that it is not tied to the grapes as it grows.

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